3 Reasons for the High Cost of Landing Page Copy

The cost of landing page copy can seem high to people new to marketing and sales. After all, it’s only one page of writing. How long could it take?

The truth is that effective copywriting can take hours. But that’s not why it costs as much as it does.  Here are the top 3 reasons that landing page copy costs as much as it does.

1. Effective Copywriting Makes Sales

There are plenty of (amateur) writers out there who will write you a few pages for $10. But a $10 landing page that doesn’t sell your product is a loss.

Paying $100 for landing page copy from someone who knows how to draw in customers and make conversions is an investment in your business.

In other words, you get what you pay for.

2. Good Copywriters Have Training and Experience

The average professional copywriter has a college degree, years and years of experience, and probably has also taken extracurricular classes that focus specifically on marketing and copywriting.

This isn’t a skill you’re just born with.

It takes a big investment — in time and money — to become a copywriting expert. It’s like any other profession on Earth. And that investment ultimately leads to your business’s success.

3. Landing Page Copy Takes Extra Work

Good landing page copywriting is arguably among the hardest of all types of writing. Like a sales letter, you have only a limited amount of space to seal the deal.

Copywriters are more than scribes. We strategize every paragraph and every headline to capture the greatest number of sales.

Imagine the job of a salesperson: you meet the customer, provide your pitch, see how they react, and adjust your strategy until you find the magic words.

A copywriter doesn’t get the chance to adjust their strategy.

Their words have to be right the first time the customer reads them. There’s no going back, no reading facial expressions, and no adjusting to changes.

I’m not saying a salesperson’s job is easy, but this is a unique problem that only copywriters face. We have to come up with effective copywriting that works on the greatest number of people in your target market.

And after all, if it brings you more customers, isn’t it worth the investment?