3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Copywriting Service

Although it would be great for my bottom line if I told you that you should always be hiring a freelance copywriter, the reality is that copy–even the best copy–can’t help every business all the time.

If you’re not sure if this is the right time for you and your business, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

#1: Am I unhappy with my conversion rate?

This is the single biggest question you need to address (and it even leads us to question #2).

We’re always going to want to squeeze more sales out of our potential customers, but it’s important to note that a copywriting service can really only improve your conversion rate. Even with the best SEO on the planet, no landing page is going to generate enough traffic to build a business.

That said, if you’re suffering with a conversion rate lower than 5%, in most industries, it’s time to invest in a copywriter that can bump that number up and bring you more customers.

#2: Am I getting enough traffic to justify the cost?

When one of my clients generated 1.5 million website visitors each month, it was easy to see how doubling his conversion rate would pay off (in the millions).

Another client had an email list of 2,500 names that I turned into $9,826 in just 2 days.

And neither of those clients paid more than $1,000 for their sales pages… which is a pretty solid return on any investment.

But if you’re only able to get 100 people to your website each month, your biggest problem isn’t conversion: it’s traffic. Even a 15% conversion rate with 100 customers is still probably not enough to sustain a business (or pay your copywriter).

And finally…

#3: Is my business ready for 2-3 times the customers?

With digital products that can be downloaded infinitely, scaling your business is no problem.

But for many businesses, handling 2-3 times the number of customers becomes a serious problem. You may not have enough staff to meet the demands, or you might even find yourself overbooked and unable to satisfy your customers in a timely manner.

Of course, as your demand increases, you can always increase your price (as I’ve had to do several times over the past two years).

Working with a professional copywriting service is key to your long-term success–as long as you’re ready for it. To get a free consultation and find out if I can help you grow your business, simply contact me today.