A Copywriter is an Architect (This is What You Pay For)

Most people who have been in business for a while understand that a copywriter is a powerful sales expert that can empower your website to improve conversions.

But there are still misunderstandings about how we achieve those results.

Once in a while, someone will send me a rough draft of their own and ask what it would cost to “edit it.”

Unless that person is a copywriter themselves, it’s very likely that they haven’t actually saved me any work at all… and the cost isn’t any lower just because they have a rough draft.

A Copywriter Uses Unique Strategies…

and the average person writing up a rough draft has no idea where to begin.

Even if you’ve read a few blog posts or even a few books on the topic, you cannot become a copywriting expert (or even a useful amateur) without years and years of practice.

Which is why…

A Copywriter is an Architect.

You wouldn’t hand an architect your sketch of a new house and ask for a discount.

The service the architect provides is the creation of useful, technically difficult work that serves a unique purpose.

Professional copywriting is as different from amateur drafts as an architect’s blueprints are from an amateur sketch of a new house.

Of course, you could try to do it on your own… but then your entire business might collapse on top of you.