How an Affiliate Marketer Tripled His Earnings-Per-Click with My Professional Copywriting Services

As I’ve said elsewhere on my website, working with a professional copywriting service is like hiring a robot to handle your sales.

You can copy-and-paste your new copy anywhere on your website, reuse it again and again, and get new customers with it constantly.

But I wanted to illustrate just how business-changing (if not life-changing) that really is.

From 5% CTR to over 16% CTR

When one of my clients, an affiliate marketer, hired me to rewrite his pre-sell content (AKA advertorial), he was already working with a profitable earnings-per-click.

But the profit margin just wasn’t high enough for a big, sustained advertising campaign.

Of course, he was stuck. As an affiliate marketer, he couldn’t change the sales page. All he could do was improve the conversion rate of his advertorial and push more people to that sales page.

So he hired me.

Good Copywriting Strategies Work in Every Medium

It doesn’t matter if you’re working with advertorials, sales pages, email sequences, or a newspaper ad.

Good copywriting techniques are universal.

So I did the same thing to this advertorial that I do to all my pages: I added strong, emotional drives that connected with the reader in an empathetic way.

The next day, that client sent me an ecstatic message, telling me I tripled his CTR (and profits) instantly.

His one-time investment in my copywriting service is still paying off months later.

If you want this kind of profitable writing for your own website, all you have to do is read a few hundred books, watch a few hundred hours of seminars, and rewrite hundreds of high-converting sales letters by hand.

(Or you could just hire me to do it all for you.)