Copywriting Grammar: Misplaced Modifiers

Copywriting Grammar: Misplaced Modifiers


Misplaced modifiers are common mistakes because the intended meaning is usually obvious to the writer and probably also most readers. Look at the following example.

Customers can order our coffee-flavored televisions who call now.

Even though you probably understand that customers, who call now, can order the televisions, what the sentence is actually saying is that the televisions are calling. Here’s a more realistic (and problematic) example:

We offer savings to anyone with our products!

What I meant to say:

Anyone with our products will save money!

What my original sentence really means:

Anyone who already has our products is entitled to savings.

This may very well be the case; perhaps my product gives you access to exclusive savings that new customers won’t receive. But it’s important to be clear — a confused customer always says no.