Copywriting Services for Small Businesses: The Cost and the ROI

The value of copywriting varies widely depending on how it’s being used.

A massive corporation has plenty of money to spend on advertising, so their returns from copywriting might be significantly higher than your average small business.

But that doesn’t mean that small businesses should ignore their copy (or leave it to someone in-house who enjoys writing in her free time).

In fact, small businesses have more room to grow, and a much greater need for excellent copywriting that can generate new sales.

Find Your Focus First

A common mistake is to create new copy for every product and every service, spreading the work thin.

The problem here is that 2,000 words will sell much better than 200 words, and it only takes a small range of products to diminish the value of your copywriting.

Instead, settle on which product is most important to your business: what’s going to improve your growth the most?

For the same price as 10 product descriptions, you can get 1 powerful sales page that will actually generate new customers.

Expect to Spend $1,000-$5,000

If you’re hiring someone with the skills to increase your sales (and sometimes even multiply them), you can’t expect to pay less than $1,000.

If your business is making $100,000 a year, and you increase sales by 10%, that’s an extra $10,000 in your pocket.

(Never mind the fact that I’ve doubled or tripled sales for most of my clients in the past: it takes only a small increase in sales for the average business to reap the rewards of good copy.)

Experience a Sales Increase of Over 10%

While 10% is a lot less sexy than 100%, it’s still easy to see how a small percentage increase in sales can lead to big increases in profits.

The best copywriters will offer a sales-increase guarantee, and a 10% kick really isn’t all that much from a conversion rate point of view.

Going from 2% to 2.2% is a minimal amount of improvement. Your copywriter should be confident that they can do at least that much better than your in-house amateur.

To get a free consultation (and find out how much better your conversion rate could be with my writing), simply contact me today.