Copywriting that Converts (One Page, One Million Dollars)

Every copywriter on Earth says they offer copywriting that converts, but that phrase is actually entirely meaningless on its own.

After all, if you have a conversion rate of .01%, no one would be happy with your work, but you could still use the same trite phrase.

That’s why I like to be specific.

Just last year, I wrote a single web page for a marketing professional. This guy has years of experience in digital marketing, but he wasn’t happy with the results he was getting.

doubled his conversion rate, pulling in $1.2 Million… in one month.

If you did the math, you already know that he was making about $600,000 per month before he hired me, and I still generated twice that amount with my copy.

So what do you have to sacrifice to get the kind of copywriting that converts a website into a million-dollar source of income?

Not that much.

You just have to read this page, filled with all the details you need about my copywriting, and send me an email asking for my services!

(For a $1.2 Million sales page, you might expect to pay at least $10,000, but you’ll be surprised at just how affordable my rates are.)

I look forward to learning about your business!