Email Copywriting: 3 Steps to Writing Persuasive Emails that Turn Lists Into Profits

Once you’ve done the work of getting an email list from your prospects, you’re going to face a surprising new challenge: actually getting that list to buy from you.

Giving away a free lead magnet is pretty easy. Turning that into a purchase is much more difficult.

However, if you follow 3 simple steps, you can start selling your email list and actually making a profit.

Be warned: this guide doesn’t replace a professional copywriter with years of experience. Nothing does. But you can at least start to make money and get the ball rolling on your own.

1: Create a plan for at least 5 emails.

Although it’s tempting to send your email list a long sales email right off the bat, most people aren’t interested in reading your sales copy.

Instead, create an outline that leaves plenty of space to deliver value and really impress your readers, giving them an exciting reason to open your emails.

Here’s a quick-and-dirty template for a 5-email sequence:

  • Deliver the lead magnet.
  • Tell an interesting story that highlights the value you offer.
  • Make your first sales pitch, but do it gently.
  • Offer a free tip the user can benefit from instantly.
  • Make a harder sales pitch for the final email.

Following this outline gives you the chance to build up a relationship and demonstrate value to your prospect, without scaring them away too easily.

2: End your emails with a teaser of what’s coming next.

One of most important best practicing for email copywriting is sometimes called the “soap opera” system.

All you have to do is end your email with a teaser of your next email.

For example, you might say “by the way, check out my next email for a free tip on turning your laptop into a money-generating machine!”

It’s an easy (yet powerful) way to improve your open rates.

3: Use your subject line to create intrigue.

One of my favorite subject lines is also incredibly short.

“Bad news.”

It’s super effective, and you don’t have to be a copywriting expert to use it.

But what this does is get the reader interested automatically. They instantly want to know what bad news you have for them.

Usually, it’s something like “this sale expires tonight.”

But once you have their attention, it will be much easier to get them interested in your sale.

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