How to Sell More on Etsy

Etsy’s marketplace is an amazing tool for the naturally crafty. But for many, selling products is surprisingly difficult. You may have the best products available in your category, but sales are slow.

So what’s going on?

This is where a marketing consultant can really help. Making good products simply isn’t enough to make sales. What you need is someone who can help you position your products and make them readily available for your target market.

There are a few main things that go into a successful Etsy campaign.

  • The right price — not the lowest price.
  • Storytelling marketing that hooks readers.
  • Content marketing that generates purchase-ready interest.

One issue that many people have when selling their Etsy products is keeping their prices far too low. They think, “it only cost me $10 to make, so I should just charge $20.” But prices are one of the first indicators that a customer has about the quality of your work. It may look like a standout product, but at a low price, the consumer may make a judgment that it’s actually not all that good.

But pricing is a difficult process, and that’s why you need a consultant who understands your product, your customer, and the nuances of marketing.

If you aren’t ready to explore your possibilities with a professional marketing consultant who can turn your Etsy shop into your full-time job, then just remember these bits of advice:

  • Your price is a part of your marketing, not just your bottom line.
  • People don’t buy products because of the item itself, but because of how it fits into their story.
  • Your expenses should never determine your prices.

But if you want professional help from someone who can gear up your Etsy shop with proven marketing strategies, just fill out the contact form to the right. I’ll be happy to go over your current strategies and create a plan to maximize your sales.