Return on Investment from Hiring a Copywriter for Your Small Business

Hiring a copywriter for your small business is an investment. But when some copywriters charge $10,000 for a sales letter, it can be hard to know if the return on investment is really worth it.

Fortunately, most copywriters only charge about $1,000-$2,000 for a sales page, and the ROI is much better than you’d expect.

$1,475 Turned Into $9,826 in Just 2 Days.

For one of my own clients, the ROI on a piece of sales copy was pretty spectacular.

He hired me to write a sales page and email copywriting for a total investment of $1,475. (His email list included 2,500 names, by the way.)

In 2 days, my sales copy generated $9,826 for a digital product, resulting in a 660% return on investment.

A Basic, Everyday Example.

Here’s an off-hand example that might sound more familiar to a typical small business owner.

Let’s say you have a web page with a 5% conversion rate, generating $30,000 a year.

(When one of my clients had a 5% conversion rate, I was able to triple it at 16.4%, but for argument’s sake, let’s just use a safe number: 5% up to 7%.)

That small boost in conversions would equal an additional $12,000 per year.

Of course, such a modest increase is actually fairly unlikely, for the simple reason that…

The Average Person Is Not a Sales Copywriter.

It seems obvious, but if you’ve written all the information on your website yourself, you can’t possibly expect to do as well as a professional copywriter.

Using myself as an example: I have over 5 years of experience, I’ve read dozens of books, and I’ve watched hundreds of videos, all to improve my skills. I’ve learned how to multiply the sales results of my clients with a few tried-and-true techniques.

If an amateur manages to get a 5% conversion rate, a professional should have no trouble beating that number.

Even if a small business owner is only making $30,000 a year, as in the example above, the typical $1,000 sales page would pay for itself in the first month.

(And when your copywriter offers a sales-increase guarantee, it’s a perfectly safe investment with a significant ROI.)