Search engine optimization (SEO) is simple: get more potential customers to visit your website and get those people to make a purchase. Because SEO is internet-based, many people have wrongfully assumed that SEO is best handled by tech gurus and web designers.

Here, I will discuss:

  • The facts about how SEO actually works.
  • Why a copywriter is best suited for the job.
  • How you can get the most bang for your SEO buck.


Opinions don’t often help businesses grow, so let’s start with statistics.


Courtesy of CopyBlogger.

How SEO works

To the right is a chart showing the most important components of Google’s ranking algorithm.

The most surprising part of all this? Most of it isn’t all that technical.

What matters most isn’t “CTR data,” “Social Graph Metrics,” or “Registration and Hosting Data.”

It all comes down to text.

81.5% of SEO is based on text: how popular it is, where it is, and what it says.

A web designer can make a great-looking website, and design is definitely an important element of SEO.

But without the right words getting users to read, share, and link to your content, your SEO efforts (and money) will be wasted.

You want to get people talking about your website, and good writing is the best way to do that.

Why Choose a Copywriter for SEO

A lot of “SEO experts” will focus on keywords. But anyone can put a bunch of keywords onto a website, and Google recognized that early on. That’s why keywords are being made less and less important.

If the words around those keywords don’t entice readers to share your website (or better yet, buy your products), you’ll only get search engine results, not sales.

Copywriters have a way with words. They know how to get people onto your website get you more customers.

So what about the other 18.5% of SEO that relies on the seemingly more technical aspects of your website? Can a copywriter really do anything about that?

Actually, yes.

Traffic and CTR (click-through rate) are simply measures of how often people visit your website and how many pages they read while they’re there. If your content is interesting, people will read more of it.

Social Graph Metrics are even more appropriate for copywriters since getting your website on social media relies heavily on the interest and usefulness of your content. Writing boring, keyword-stuffed content won’t get your business shared on Facebook.

Registration and Hosting Data is one area that be helped by a copywriter: it’s all up to your website. But considering that copywriters have over 93% of SEO components covered, your business is most likely to flourish with a writer, not a tech guru.

Getting the Most Bang for your SEO Buck

Again, none of this is to dismiss the importance of good web design and development. A clean-looking website can go a long way to ensuring that the content you have is read, shared, and even viral.

But the internet is all about one thing: sharing information. Hiring a copywriter, or a marketing firm that employs one, is the best way to ensure that your SEO efforts are met with an increase in sales.

Why spend your money on anything else?

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