The Only Industry Where I Have Zero Copywriting Experience

One of the first questions a new client asks me is always, “do you have experience in my industry?”

The answer is almost always “yes.”

I’ve written sales copy for SaaS, physical products, health and wellness, business opportunities, consultants, fitness coaches, supplements, subscriptions, computers, Android phones… you know name it.

But there’s one industry I have never worked in–and never plan to.

“Multilevel Marketing,” or as I like to call it, “pyramid schemes.”

Of course, there are a few legitimate models for multilevel marketing, such as Mary Kay.

But the vast majority that pop up over the internet are nothing more than pyramid schemes that force its members to continually recruit others in order to generate profits through false promises of wealth.

So as long as your business isn’t one of these schemes…

Feel free to contact me.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I hate scams, and I never lie in my copy.