Why is Copywriting Important? (3 Major Reasons)

No one needs to tell you to invest in a good website, buy ads, or implement SEO. Everyone knows how important these things are.

But the vast majority of people completely ignore copywriting, even if they think they aren’t.

If you write the sales pages for your business without actually being trained in copywriting, it doesn’t count as copy–and it won’t generate sales like copy, either.

A copywriter is a trained salesperson who puts their techniques in your hands to be used again and again, without taking a commission for all the sales you make.

Still not convinced? Here are the 3 biggest reasons that copywriting is so important.

1. People hate advertising.

This sounds counter-intuitive, but just stick with me a minute.

Imagine landing on a website that says stuff like “buy my book today,” “supplies are limited,” and “don’t be the fool that missed out on this one!”

Chances are, you’ll feel pretty irritated and leave the website at once.

A good copywriter knows how to get people to feel urgency, to want to buy something, and to feel that it would be foolish not to buy your product… without sounding like an advertisement.

It takes a unique skill set to disguise your sales techniques as helpful information, but get it right, and you’ll get even the most skeptical ad-hater to buy your products.

2. Your competitors are using it (and crushing you with it).

People today don’t just read your ad and decide to purchase your product.

Instead, they go online and compare a wide variety of similar options before making a choice. If your competitors hired a professional copywriter to make their product look superior, you’re going to lose your customers.

You can’t win a battle you aren’t fighting.

3. You’re wasting money on everything else until you hire a copywriter.

Copywriting is the single element of your website that actually generates money. No one is going to buy your products because your website looks nice.

Responsive web design, SEO, or even your actual products are NOT responsible for your cash flow.

What makes people buy your product is not the product itself, but the way it’s presented.

Copywriting makes everything else profitable, including your products and services. You cannot grow your business unless you convince more people to buy from you, and that’s exactly what copy does.

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