Why the Best Freelance Copywriters Don’t Charge by the Hour

Business owners hiring their first freelance copywriter often make the mistake of looking for an hourly fee: they’re used to paying their employees that way, and it’s easy to find the hourly rate for copywriters at advertising firms.

But that hourly rate is not only inapplicable to freelance copywriters, but also completely irrelevant to the value they provide.

Hourly Writers Offer a Completely Different Service

Believe it or not, a freelance copywriter isn’t just spitting out a list of tag lines (or at least the good ones aren’t).

The best copywriters are marketing experts. They don’t just write gripping copy: they can also strategize your entire website, email campaigns, and ad work. They’re essentially marketing consultants that focus on writing the best possible copy.

By comparison, a copywriter at a firm isn’t responsible for personally guaranteeing sales increases. They don’t have to go out and get their own business. They’re usually familiar with most marketing concepts, but they couldn’t help you build out an entire sales funnel or create an email list.

A Sales Page from a Professional Copywriter Is Worth More than $25/Hour.

When I wrote a new sales page for a recent product launch, I generated $9,826 in revenue in just 2 days.

Another client of mine went from a 5.3% conversion rate up to 16%, effectively tripling his profits. With the same website, the same product, and the same expenses, his one-time investment in my writing gave him a business with 3 times the revenue.

Honestly, it only took me 4 hours to write that page.

Should I have been paid $100 for tripling the size of his business?

Of course not!

Freelance copywriters know what their copy is worth because they’ve seen it in action. People who put my writing on their websites wake up the next morning with a better, more profitable business.

If you’re just looking for someone to write a few snappy sentences, go for the hourly writers. But if you really need someone whose copy will grow–perhaps even multiply–your business, hire the person that knows what their copy is worth… and is willing to guarantee it.