Your Website is Useless (But You Can Fix It)

You’ve spent weeks building your website, picking out themes, creating content, and sending emails to your developer. Now that it’s online, it’s time to watch the money pour in!

(Spoiler alert!)

The money doesn’t pour in.

No matter how beautiful your website is, no matter how useful your content is, your website is useless if it doesn’t turn visitors into customers!

Everyone knows this, and yet people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on web design while they completely ignore the value of a good copywriter.

Maybe that’s because web design seems mysterious, yet anyone can open up a document and start typing.

The only problem is that copywriters don’t just type stuff upThey employ powerful psychological tricks to get people excited and motivated–enough to give you their money.

On the other hand, some entrepreneurs have seen just how powerful good copy is, and they don’t waste their money on anything else.

One of my clients uses my copy on some of the ugliest looking websites I’ve ever seen. 

Guess what? He’s a millionaire.

He doesn’t waste thousands of dollars on elaborate web design because he knows it doesn’t pay off. But just a few hundred bucks worth of copywriting has generated tens of thousands of dollars for him every single time.

Want to get in on that kind of marketing power?

See how I turn basic, boring websites into money-making machines with my copywriting.